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November 26th, 7pm, $5:

-Rue the Day
-Baby Killer Estelle
-Katy Otto reading poetry
+maybe one suprise band

@Kay Spiritual Life Center,
American University
4400 Massachusetts Ave NWDC
Saturday Night Brunch will be served for all - scrambled tofu, french toast, and muffins.

this show is a benefit for the vegan diner that Sasha is planning on opening. Sasha will be cooking dinner for everybody at the show. most of you DC kids have eaten Sasha's cooking before, as he cooks at shows at AU a lot, so you know how good it is. and just think about 2 years from now, when you get out of a show, its 1am, you're hungry and nothing is open. where do you go? Sasha's 24 hour vegan diner. i'm excited



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heyy ppl i'm new here and im doing a project on hardcore dancing and the general effect of music at shows
SO if any of you have any good pictures, scribbles fliers etc of moshing, hardcore dancing or slamming, please send or post! <3

tito_bandito loves you